2001 Email Marketing Articles & Columns
Many of these columns originally appeared in Media Magazine


"You Send Me"
Written 5/01
Examines the trend toward rich-media email, increased response rates this format garners, leading companies in the space, including Gizmoz and TMX Interactive, and focuses on Saks Fifth Avenue's Mother's Day email message.

"There Oughtta Be a Law"
Written 6/01
Looks at proposed anti-spam legislation, especially H.R. 718, the the Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act sponsored by Congresswoman Heather Wilson.

Gallup Poll of Email Users
Written 8/01
Results of poll released in July 2001.

"Is Everyone Okay?"
Written 9/17/01
The role of email and the Internet immediately following the World Trade Center disaster.

Expedia's Email Strategy
Written 9/20/01
A close-up look at how this online travel agency uses email for CRM.

Holiday Greetings?
Written 10/01
Innovative strategies email marketers and catalog merchants are using to bolster 4Q business.

Email & Direct Mail: Is Convergence Coming?
Written 11/01
Following the anthrax outbreak, email has taken on an even more important role in motivating consumers.

Irreconciliable Differences?
Written 12/01
Creating email messages that can be read regardless of email client, browser, operating system, and/or bandwidth.